What Others Are Saying

Actual testimonials from some of the many satisfied Statin-Ease® users:

Frank H.

San Diego, CA

  Finally, real relief! After a little over a week taking Statin-Ease I've noticed a decrease in my muscle weakness that I have been experiencing from my statin cholesterol med my doctor put me on last summer. Thank you! Great product!

Karen M.

Richmond, CA

  I had the best blood test results using Crestor 5 mg, which I had never been able to tolerate before, so hopefully between my extensive exercise program, very healthy diet & now being able to tolerate a statin drug I will remain very healthy for years to come.

Kim N.

Philadelphia, PA

  With Statin-Ease® I’ve experienced a significant improvement in the unbearable lower extremity pain, aches, and cramping I used to feel when on statins.

Stephen M.

West Chester, PA

  I no longer have muscle cramps or muscle pain. Overall, Statin-Ease® has relieved the discomfort of the (statin) drug.


Naturally Ease the Side Effects of Statins

Your doctor wants you to stay on your statin meds. YOU want to stay on your statin meds.
But they’re causing you muscle pain and fatigue. This is where Statin-Ease® can help!
Providing relief and allowing you to continue your statins at the proper dose,
without more drugs, naturally and healthfully.