The Problem

What’s the Problem that Statin-Ease® addresses? With more than 30 million people (just in the US!) taking “statin” medications, which includes drugs such as Lipitor®Crestor® and Zocor®, statins are one of the most widely prescribed classes of medications today. While statins are very effective in lowering “bad” cholesterol and balancing fats and lipids in the blood, as well as playing an important role in achieving good cardiovascular health, unfortunately this key component of one’s healthcare regimen often has a major drawback: statins can cause muscle side effects known as myopathy and myalgia (muscle pains, fatigue and weakness).

These muscle side effects occur in at least 10% of people taking statins. Some doctors have seen an even higher incidence in their practices, with published reports of near 20% — equating to several million people in the US alone with statin-induced myalgia (SIM). In addition to causing discomfort and PAIN, which is a big enough problem itself, SIM can become an even more significant medical problem when patients decide to stop taking their doctor-prescribed cholesterol meds in order to avoid these prevalent side effects.


The Solution

Because of these muscle problems, many patients simply cannot tolerate the statin dose prescribed by their doctors, if any statin at all. Scientific and clinical evidence shows the muscle pains and weakness caused by these “wonder drugs” can be offset by the proper dose and synergistic ratio of certain natural, nutrient-based active factors, allowing a return to normal physical activities.

Health-wise, staying on your recommended statin dose can be critical. Statin-Ease® has been physician-formulated based on scientific and medical evidence to relieve these statin side effects and is taken daily as a companion to your doctor-prescribed statin medication. Instead of either discontinuing the statin drug, or taking other drugs to counteract the muscle problem (all drugs can have side effects), Statin-Ease® is a proprietary combination of co-factors, vitamins and elements that return to the “deprived” muscles what statins have sapped from them.

Our Advantages

Statin-Ease® provides a full complement of re-charging factors to keep muscles humming. It enhances muscle energetics by simultaneously targeting the multiple cellular mechanisms needed by muscles to create and utilize energy for proper functioning, even under the duress of statin therapy. The proprietary formulation is based upon medical rationale and clinical evidence of the proper dose and ingredient ratio to mitigate statin myalgia.

Another key advantage of Statin-Ease® is our highly convenient dosage form for daily use: it can easily be added to a beverage or water bottle from our ultra-convenient unit dose stickpack, making it unnecessary to open many separate supplement bottles to take multiple capsules each day. Carry individual stickpacks with you anywhere!


*This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor or health care provider. We encourage you to discuss with your doctor any questions or concerns you may have.

Naturally Ease the Side Effects of Statins

Your doctor wants you to stay on your statin meds. YOU want to stay on your statin meds.
But they’re causing you muscle pain and fatigue. This is where Statin-Ease® can help!
Providing relief and allowing you to continue your statins at the proper dose,
without more drugs, naturally and healthfully.