Rapid muscle pain relief

More than 30 million people in the US take "statin" cholesterol medications. 1 in 8 experience statin myalgia — the unrelenting pain, aches, fatigue, and other muscle symptoms caused by statins.

Muscle pain? Try Statin-Ease® today!

Statin-Ease® provides a great natural solution to this problem with our 100% drug-free, clinically-demonstrated, synergistic combination of highly absorbable bioenergetic cofactors and nutrients.

All at the right dose to allow muscles to function optimally and you to return to higher levels of physical activity.

Statin-Ease® is a physician-formulated nutritional supplement that naturally provides relief for the muscle aches, pain, weakness and fatigue caused by taking statin medications. Many people suffering with muscle symptoms have already discovered how Statin-Ease® provides rapid and sustained relief for statin-induced myalgia (SIM), muscle fatigue, and other muscle pain conditions, including fibromyalgia.

  • Statin-Ease® is a doctor-formulated nutritional supplement that provides natural, rapid relief for the muscle pain, aches, weakness and fatigue caused by taking statin cholesterol medications.

What is Statin-Ease®?

  • Statin-Ease® has many benefits:

    Most importantly, it provides a full complement of re-charging factors to keep muscles humming.

Thrive with the Benefits of Statin-Ease®

  • Another key benefit of Statin-Ease® is the highly convenient dosage form for daily use. It can easily be added to your glass of water or juice, or shaken directly into your water bottle.

You should take one packet of Statin-Ease® every day, for optimal effects.

  • Your doctor wants you to stay on your statin meds. YOU want to stay on your statin meds. But they’re causing you muscle pain and fatigue.

Naturally Ease the Side Effects of Statins

You can indeed stay on your statin medications. You don’t have
to stop taking your statin meds or drop the dose from what your
doctor has prescribed because Statin-Ease® will "ease" you through
these muscle pain side effects!

Read about the combo of synergistic ingredients in Statin-Ease® HERE on the Statin-Ease® SCIENCE PAGE

I had the best blood test results using Crestor 5 mg, which I had never been able to tolerate before, so hopefully between my extensive exercise program, very healthy diet & now being able to tolerate a statin drug I will remain very healthy for years to come.

Karen M.

Richmond, CA

With Statin-Ease® I’ve experienced a significant improvement in the unbearable lower extremity pain, aches, and cramping I used to feel when on statins.

Kim N.

Philadelphia, PA

Finally, real relief! After a little over a week taking Statin-Ease I've noticed a decrease in my muscle weakness that I have been experiencing from my statin cholesterol med my doctor put me on last summer. Thank you! Great product!

Frank H.

San Diego, CA

 I no longer have muscle cramps or muscle pain. Overall, Statin-Ease® has relieved the discomfort of the (statin) drug.

Stephen M.

West Chester, PA